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 Glitter in The Gutter

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Hand Held Films, Clinton Hill, Jul13

Alfredo, Handheld Films, Jul13

Piss, CUP, Jul13

Yellow Jesus, Jul13

Blood Stains, Clinton Wash C Train, Jul13

Beware of the Dog, Bitch, Clinton Hill, Jul13

Mail Order Bride, East Village, Jul13

Alcohol Kills, SOHO, Jul13

GHOST, relics, TV, Glow, Chi, jul13

GHOST, mattress, Gown, Glow, Chi, jul13

Blood, Garbage, Fulton St, Clinton Hill, Jul13

Raining Glitter Stars, Flatiron, Jul13

Hand Held Films

¬† Spring Creepin’

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Ellena, Fuckem @ DesNuda, Mar13

Brendan, Bite, Fruit, Apr13

Elizabeth, Gold Boot, Pink Balloon, Mar13

Crushed Out, Toilet @ Shea Stadium

Kristina, Paisley Dress and Sofa @ The Paper Box, Mar13

Nets @ PaperBox, Mar13

Crazy and The Brains, Jacket @ Shea Stadium

Photograph Your Girlfriend, Gawanas, Dec12

Kristina, Hip  Hop Night @ The Paper Box, Mar13

Crushed Out, Carly Sioux @ Shea Stadium

Shilpa, Dapper, Alibi, Oct12

Kristina, Never Pay Full Price, Jan13

Danny, Black Fur, Bushwick, Dec12

Beans, Street, Gross, March13

Felix, Kaitlin, Les, Chains, Mar13

Film is Dying, Greenpoint, Dec12

Matt & Freaky, Kissing is a Crime @ The Church, Feb13

song courtesy of Ray_Alto


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Jaime, Pervert, Toronto, Nov12

Disposable Legs@ Shilpa Ray, Nocturnal Emissions Oct 2012

Fugary Boat Club, Pinnup, HudsonNY July12

Women Littered on the Street, Clinton Hill, Aug12

Maria Elisa_In Bra_Chelsea, Aug12

Back Foot Rub, May12

FYI Fashion Show, Shag 6, Nov12tif

Toilet @ Jack's Oct 2012

Man w Dog, The Escalators @ Jack's Studio Oct12

pedophiles in Brooklyn, June12

Sarah's Ass, Parkslope, June12

Joey , Creep @ Jack's Stud copy

Song courtesy of onlydeerhunter

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