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Beaching and Wining

Far enough from the city but close to my heart, Far Rockaway Beach was our poor man’s retreat. We escaped every weekend, rain or shine, and acted like shipwrecked Bohemians, sipping boxed wine and sharing hand-rolled smokes. We were glamorous castaways, clad in straw hats, bold prints, red lips, and vintage shades. Deliberately stranded, we imagined ourselves on a remote island, abundant in fish tacos, fresh coco water, and endless rolls of film. Sometimes you don’t have to travel great distances to go far. Aloha Far Rockaway, see you soon!

Song by Morning Benders

Like a deserted beach in the midst of a chilling winter, The Judy Blooms are love and depression; only highs and lows lead by desperate manic vocals pleading over frivolous love and missed connections. Grieving guitars wailing in regret and drums that beat like a breaking heart mold their despondent lullabies of infatuation and self-loathing. Influenced by bands like Nirvana and The Walkmen, The Judy Blooms write romantic anthems for the troubled and the emotionally unavailable. Originally from the Gem City, a proletariat factory hub in Dayton Ohio, The Judy Blooms exert just the right touch of Retro and Grunge smudged in a little elbow grease.

Curious? Check them out Saturday, April 16th at Lit Lounge.

Listen, Befriend and Go!

Stylist:  Katie Tzynik

In lieu of  snowy weather on the fourth day of Spring, here is a reminder of better days to come!

Ashlea & Eamonn @ Far Rockaway Beach


Heather & Mandy @ Long Island Beach


Katie Tzynik @ Far Rockaway Beach


Sarah & Elliot @ Coney Island


Edwin, Katie & Dylan @ Far Rockaway Beach


Miz Stefani & Arthur @ Far Rockaway Beach


Mandy Goodwin @ Long Island Beach


Carly Sioux @ Long Island Beach


Sarah Silver @ Coney Island


Ashlea Bonds @ Far Rockaway Beach


Rebecca Greene @ Long Island Beach


Arthur Kremer @ Far Rockaway Beach


Miz Stefani @ Far Rockaway


Heather Skinner @ Long Island Beach


Dylan Kruse @ Far Rockaway Beach


Edwin Allen @ Far Rockaway Beach


Arthur Kremer @ Far Rockaway Beach


Carly Sioux @ Far Rockaway Beach


Ashlea Bonds @ Far Rockaway Beach


Katie Tzynik @ Far Rockaway Beach


Sarah Silver @ Coney Island


Waffles & Tits @ Coney Island Mermaid Parade








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