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Breaking My Heart

This Is Not A Porn Site.


You Bitch!

Oh Dear.

A Few Drinks Later…

Feeling Fierce,


Wicked As A Witch.

A Black Swan Moment.

We Don’t Give A Fuck.

Keep’em Wet.

Make’em Want It.

Sit Here and Spin.


A Real Sleeping Beauty.

Waiting For Her Prince.

It Was A Close Shave.

Saw It A Mile Away.

You’d Disappear.

Breaking My Heart.


Cosmetics Are Drugs.

A Bonafide Fag Stag,

Fell In Love with Himself.

That’s The Word On The Street.

Written in Sharpie.

Vandalized & Scandalized.

Haunted By A Ghost Writer.

Dreaming of Love in Strange Places.

Song by Chains of Love

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