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Witching Hour

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Women who run with Wolves, Kingston, May15

James, Candy, The Levvy, Dec14

James, Bib, The Levy, Dec14

Dramatic Flowers, Mar15

Wealth, Flatbush, May15

Take a ride on his boat, Apr15

Ghost Car White as Snow, Apr15

Skull Practitioners, Bushwick, May15

Eye See You, Silent Barn, May15

Eyeball @ Silent Barn, May15

Carly, Shadow, Seflie, May15

Twist, Moon Tower, & Your 33 Black Angels @ Shea Stadium

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Twist @ Shea mar15

Twist 5 @ Shea mar15.

Twist 2 @ Shea mar15.

Moontower 2 at Shea Stadium, Mar15

Twist 3 @ Shea mar15.

Twist 6 @ Shea mar15.

Twist 7 @ Shea mar15.

Y33BA 8 @ Shea mar13

Moontower 3 at Shea Stadium, Mar15

Moontower 4 at Shea Stadium, Mar15

Moontower at Shea Stadium, Mar15

Y33BA 7 @ Shea mar13

Y33BA 4 @ Shea mar13

Y33BA 2 @ Shea mar13

Y33BA 5 @ Shea mar13

Y33BA 3 @ Shea mar13

Y33BA 6 @ Shea mar13

Y33BA. @ Shea mar13

Wild Bore @ Shea Staduim Mar15Hosted by Wild Bore

The Awakening

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Meet Thy God, Nov14

Xmas, Hand, Glove, Cart, Harlem, Dec13


Carly, Birth Death

body forms, Naples Maine, Nov14

Authentic Solitude, Naples Maine, Nov14

Treasure Chest, Naples Maine, Nov14

Cold as Ice, Naples Maine, Nov14

Sins in the Woods, Nov 14

Carly, Naples Maine, Nov14 Project Your Magic


TBT: Wild Bore in Captivity

recording session at Speaker Sonic

Dani 2, Wild Bore, Speaker Sonic

Emily 2, WIld Bore, Stereo Sonic

Carly, WIld Bore, Stereo Sonic

Brian at Speaker Sonic

Emily, wildbore, recording, summer14

Dani, Wild Bore, Speaker Sonic

Emily, Cheetah, Stereo Sonic, Summer14

Brian, Emily, WIld Bore, Stereo Sonic

Emily 4, WIld Bore, Stereo Sonic

Carly 2, WIld Bore, Stereo Sonic

Emily, Dani 2, WIld Bore, Stereo Sonic

Carly 3, WIld Bore, Stereo Sonic

Emily 3, WIld Bore, Stereo Sonic

Wild Bore, Leopard Print, SpeakerSonic

Wild Bore, Stereo Sonic

Brian 2 at Speaker Sonic

Speaker Sonic, Wild BoreSee you on the road!


Everything is Cool

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Moe, Boss Lady, Janine's, Sept14

Boy Drinking OJ, Janine's Sept14

Boss at a Party, Janine's, sept14

Wild Bore, Rehearsal, Jun14

Janine, Wild Pony, Sept14

SWAG, Janine's party, Sept14

Danger Zone, Janine's Party, Sept 14

Janine, Hostest with the mostest, Sept14

Carly, Helen Party, Sept14

Moe, Green Beret, Sept14

Moist Gina, Sept14

Smoking in the Kitchen, Janine's Sept14

MOE, Getting it, Janine's, Sept14

Janine Tiger Tits, Sept14

Drunk Girl, Janine's, Sept14

Change for Change, Janine's party sept14

Dinner and Drinks, Janine's, Sept14

Classy Affair, Janine's party, sept14

Moe and Co. Sept14

Rat Race

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Boot Fits, Lefferts Garden, Summer15

Beer stuck in window 2 Beekman, Summer15

Edge of Ridgewood, Summer15

Headshot, LeffertsGarden, Summer15

dead rat, lefferts garden, summer15

baby battery, beekman, summer15

Television, Lack of Vision, beekman, Summer15

Working Class Hero, Lefferts Garden, Summer15

Rat race, Beekman, Summer15A Race No One Wins

Friends Like You

Mojo, South Brooklyn, Jun14

Drew drew drew @ Gueros

Emily, Mikey & K† @ Gueros, Jun14

KT, Clinton Hill, Apr14

Dylan & Drew @ Gueros, Jun14

Mikey, Emily, Carly @ Gueros

Moeima 2, LIC, Jun14

Veronika, LIC, Jun14

Dani, LIC, Jun14

Veronika 2, LIC, Jun14

Carly Sioux, LIC, JUN14I’m Never Alone.


The Summer of My Despair

Film Stills from Summer 2014

Wild Bore Television Suicide, Lefferts Garden 2014 (1)

Alfredo, Afro, Cigarette, Downtown, Summer14

Alfredo, smoke, downtown, summer14

Howard 2, Television, BeekmanPlace, Summer15

Carly Selfie, Mannequin Legs, Summer14

Downtown Andrew Brown, VON, Summer14

Mojo, Eyes Wide Shut, May14

Carly, Head, velvet Curtain, Aug14

Drew Drew Drew 2, Chinatown, Summer15

Alfredo, Chinatown, Summer15

Carly Sioux, Chinatown, Summer15


Drew, Chinatown, Summer15

Howard, Lincoln Tavern, Summer15

Duane, Lincoln Tavern, Summer15

Danny, Von, May14

Carly, Filthy, Hairy, Tired, Balloons, Beekman, Jun14

Hels, Drilling 2, BeekmanPlace, Summer15

Hot Boy 2., Fixing my shit, Jun14

Hot Boy 3, Fixing my shit, Jun14

Carly Sioux, Fixing Shit,  Beekman, Jun14

Duane, Beekman Place, Balloons, Jun14

Dani, Balloon Sandwich, BeekmanPl, Jun14

Alfredo, no 6, beekman, summer14

Gary, Last Loft Days, Summer15

Moeima, Bedstuy, Summer15

Alfredo, drumming, Chinatown, Summer15

Keep it Dark, Unknown, Jun14

Duane, Franklin Park, Jun14

Gary, Rooftop Loft, Bedstuy, Summer14

Jaitlin, Running, Chinatown, Summer15

Hels, Swimming, Mango Seed, Summer15

Hels, Mango Seed, Summer15

Dani, trashed, Bushwick, Summer14Win Some. Lose Some.

Such A Tease

Dani, Red Balloons, Sage, May14

Mojo, Photo Booth, The Graham, May14

Carly, Red Balloons, Sage, May14

Andrew @ Sage, May14

Carly @ Sage, May14

Beer, Red, Neon, night, light, Nov13

Veronika, Best Hair, Sage, May14

Dani, Jess, Veronica, Sage, May14

Jenna, Rehearsal Lounge, Jun14

red Bow, White Fence Bushwick May14

Dani, Photo Booth, The Graham, May14

Dani, Carly, Shenanigans, The Graham, May14

Mojo, Eyes Wide Shut 2, May14

Rice University 2, Leggings, Bartender, Sage, May14

Rice University, Leggings, Bartender, Sage, May14

Carly Dani, Lick Balloons, Sage, May14

I Love NY, Plastic Bag, Trash, June13

Dani, Andrew @ Sage, May14

Man, Knife, Bar, Sage, May14

Coco, Carly @ Sage, May14Sayyy— WHAT?


Meat Joy

35mm Films Stills from the Eddi Munster Music Video Shoot

Kristina, Meat Joy 12, meatjoy,14

Ellena, Meat Joy, Mar14

Kaitlin Meat Joy Stills, Mar14,

Kt, Meat Joy Stills, Mar14

Moeima Meat Joy Stills, Mar14,

Hels, Meat Joy Stills, Mar14,

Kristina, Meat Joy Stills, Mar14,

Ellena, Gina, Meat Joy Stills, Mar14, Mar14

Dinner, Meat Joy, March14

Goat Head Platter, Meat Joy, Mar14

Flossing, Meat Joy, Mar14

Meat Joy, Make up and Hair, Mar14

Meat Joy 13, Make up and Hair, Mar14

Meat Joy 6, Make up and Hair, Mar14

Meat Joy 16, Make up and Hair, Mar14

Meat Joy 4, Make up and Hair, Mar14

Meat Joy 14, Make up and Hair, Mar14

Meat Joy 3, Make up and Hair, Mar14

Meat Joy 8, Make up and Hair, Mar14

Meat Joy 12, Make up and Hair, Mar14

Meat Joy 9, Make up and Hair, Mar14

Felix, Meat Joy, Mar14

Meat, Meat Joy, Mar14

Goat Head, Meat Joy, Mar14

Meat Joy 18, Make up and Hair, Mar14

Meat Joy 10, Make up and Hair, Mar14

Carly 2, Wild Bore, Meat Joy, Mar14Watch Eddi Munster here!


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