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Balloons, Party, Bushlick, Oct15

Jeanine, Leah, Katie, NOLA, Oct15

Leather and Fur, Bushlick, Oct15

Jeanine, NOLA, Oct15

Chop, Bushlick, Oct15

Katie, Hottub, NOLA Oct15

Art, Market, NOLA, Oct15

Noodle, Blood, Teracotta Cabana, Sept16

Lust, Williamsburg, Oct15

Party Girl, Bushwick, Oct15


Blood on Your Hands

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FEAR, Free Candy, dec13

Blood on his hands, FUlton Grand, Nov13

Dingy Green REflection, Oct11

Legs, Chains, Cheeta, Tights, Williamsburg, Nov13

Ghost Killer at Dorris's 2, Dec13

Carly, Dead, Blood, Clinton Hill, Dec13

Cartoon Bacon, Real Tears, Williamsburg BQEW, Nov13

Roses on Vday_Feb12

Peace Sign @ Dorris's, Dec13

Duane,red hat @ dorris's, Dec13

Man Down, Blood, Clinton Hill, Dec13

Ghost Killer at Dorris's, Dec13

 Glitter in The Gutter

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Hand Held Films, Clinton Hill, Jul13

Alfredo, Handheld Films, Jul13

Piss, CUP, Jul13

Yellow Jesus, Jul13

Blood Stains, Clinton Wash C Train, Jul13

Beware of the Dog, Bitch, Clinton Hill, Jul13

Mail Order Bride, East Village, Jul13

Alcohol Kills, SOHO, Jul13

GHOST, relics, TV, Glow, Chi, jul13

GHOST, mattress, Gown, Glow, Chi, jul13

Blood, Garbage, Fulton St, Clinton Hill, Jul13

Raining Glitter Stars, Flatiron, Jul13

Hand Held Films

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