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Wild Bore, Belle Isle Park, Detroti, Apr15

Dani, Belle Isle Park, Detroti, Apr15

Dani, Jatlin @ Belle Isle Park, Detroti, Apr15

Carly, Belle Isle Park Detroit, Apr15

America, Unknown, April15

Maria, Dani, Family Dollar, Nashville, Apr15

Dani, Emily, Nashville, Apr15

Emily, Dog, Nashville, Apr15

Jatilin, Nashville, Apr15

Carly, Reflection, Nashville, Apr15

Maria, Nashville, Dog, Apr15

William, Black Cat @ The Cathouse, May15

Jatilin, Raceway, Nashville, Apr15

Gremlin Car, Lousivlle, May15

Wild Bore, Awful waffle, Nashville, Apr15

Quit, Detroit, Apr15

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Francis Scott Key White, Matchless, Apr14

Alex White, Flower Shoes, Matchless, Jun14

Miss Alex White, Matchless, Jun14

Emily, wildbore, recording, summer14

Dani @ Pete's Candy Store, May14

Emily, Cheetah, Stereo Sonic, Summer14

Carly & Emily @ Pete's Candy Store, May14

Moe 2, Green Beret, Sept14

Micah 2, LES, May14

Carly, Christo, Marcri Park, Feb14

CocoNasty, Rehearsal, Apr14

Emily, Indiana, Apr15

Kat @ Pete's Candy Store, May14

Maria, Nashville, Apr15

Micah, LES, May14

Unknown Bartender 2, South Brooklyn, Jun14

Wild Bore, Rehearsal 2, Jun14

Unknown Bartender, South Brooklyn, Jun14

Nathan @ Pete's Candy Store, May14

Carly @ Pete's Candy Store, May14😉

TBT: That Time I Used Staples

To Hold My Head Up High

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Carly Derby Dead, May15

Please Help, God Bless, Flatiron, Aug15

Jatlin, Squish Face, Flatiron, May15

Jatlin takes The Flatiron, May15

Leah at Home, BBQ, Cincinnati, May15

Michael, Home, BBQ, Cincinnati, May15

Head High, Flatiron, Apr15

Jatlin, Dani, Belle Isle Conservatory, DT Mar15

Carly Dani Belle Isle Conservatory, DT Mar15

Wild Bore @ KY Derby, Louisville, May15

Wild Bore w William @ BugerBoy, Louisvlle, May15

Love, Who Do You Love, NOLA, Oct15

K†, Leah, Jeanine, Nola, Oct15

Jatlin, Louisville KY May15

William, Louisville, Jul15

William and Carly, Louisville, Jul15

Leah, NOLA, Oct15

Small Pox Hospital, Rosevelt Island Nov15


Cement Boots, Flatiron, Aug15

K†, Carly, Jeanine, Nola, Oct15

Hot Dog and A Dog, Nashville, Aug15

Kurt, Ship, Brooklyn Park, Aug15

I Am Boring, Bedford Nostrand, Sept15“I Am Boring.”


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No Poop and Pee Zone, Bedstuy, May15tif

Dummy, Bedstuy, Aug15

NO, Unknown, NYC Aug15

TV Prision, Bedstuy, Aug15

Take off your Shoes, Bedstuy, May15

Balls to the Walls, Bedstuy, May15


Video Crack, NOLA, Oct15

Punching Bag, Bedstuy, May15

Air Force, Bedstuy, May15

Eerie Selfie, Unknown, Aug15

Train, Studio, Apr15

Astral Projection in The Yellow Room

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Sarah Sleeping, Kingston, May15

Sarah Sleeping 4, Kingston, May15

Sarah Sleeping 3, Kingston, May15

Sarah Sleeping 2, Kingston, May15


How Dare You Leave Me Here

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Art We Allone, Flatiron, Apr15

Mannequin Ghosts in Window, Chelsea, Mar14

Ware Dog, Clinton Hill, May15

Man vs Nature, Flatiron, Mar15

Baren, Hollow, Empty Belle Isle Conservatory, Dt Mar15

Belle Isle Conservatory, Empty Garden Pool, DT Apr15

Rooftop under Snow, Mar15

rooftop view, Bedstuy, Mar15

Belle Isle Conservatory Aquarium, DT Mar15

Funeral White, Clinton Hill, Mar15

VICE Fading Detroit, Apr15

Martians, Clinton Hill, Mar15

End of Men, NYC, May15

Leave Me Here

Witching Hour

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Women who run with Wolves, Kingston, May15

James, Candy, The Levvy, Dec14

James, Bib, The Levy, Dec14

Dramatic Flowers, Mar15

Wealth, Flatbush, May15

Take a ride on his boat, Apr15

Ghost Car White as Snow, Apr15

Skull Practitioners, Bushwick, May15

Eye See You, Silent Barn, May15

Eyeball @ Silent Barn, May15

Carly, Shadow, Seflie, May15

Twist, Moon Tower, & Your 33 Black Angels @ Shea Stadium

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Twist @ Shea mar15

Twist 5 @ Shea mar15.

Twist 2 @ Shea mar15.

Moontower 2 at Shea Stadium, Mar15

Twist 3 @ Shea mar15.

Twist 6 @ Shea mar15.

Twist 7 @ Shea mar15.

Y33BA 8 @ Shea mar13

Moontower 3 at Shea Stadium, Mar15

Moontower 4 at Shea Stadium, Mar15

Moontower at Shea Stadium, Mar15

Y33BA 7 @ Shea mar13

Y33BA 4 @ Shea mar13

Y33BA 2 @ Shea mar13

Y33BA 5 @ Shea mar13

Y33BA 3 @ Shea mar13

Y33BA 6 @ Shea mar13

Y33BA. @ Shea mar13

Wild Bore @ Shea Staduim Mar15Hosted by Wild Bore

The Awakening

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Meet Thy God, Nov14

Xmas, Hand, Glove, Cart, Harlem, Dec13


Carly, Birth Death

body forms, Naples Maine, Nov14

Authentic Solitude, Naples Maine, Nov14

Treasure Chest, Naples Maine, Nov14

Cold as Ice, Naples Maine, Nov14

Sins in the Woods, Nov 14

Carly, Naples Maine, Nov14 Project Your Magic


TBT: Wild Bore in Captivity

recording session at Speaker Sonic

Dani 2, Wild Bore, Speaker Sonic

Emily 2, WIld Bore, Stereo Sonic

Carly, WIld Bore, Stereo Sonic

Brian at Speaker Sonic

Emily, wildbore, recording, summer14

Dani, Wild Bore, Speaker Sonic

Emily, Cheetah, Stereo Sonic, Summer14

Brian, Emily, WIld Bore, Stereo Sonic

Emily 4, WIld Bore, Stereo Sonic

Carly 2, WIld Bore, Stereo Sonic

Emily, Dani 2, WIld Bore, Stereo Sonic

Carly 3, WIld Bore, Stereo Sonic

Emily 3, WIld Bore, Stereo Sonic

Wild Bore, Leopard Print, SpeakerSonic

Wild Bore, Stereo Sonic

Brian 2 at Speaker Sonic

Speaker Sonic, Wild BoreSee you on the road!


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