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You pushed my buttons but I called all the shots.

You snapped my photo but I bet you forgot.

Do you remember our moment? Can you recall what I wore?

If you ARE the photographer, you must be 100% sure.

I offered my camera and gave you a try.

And this is my self-portrait as seen through your eyes.

A Heart to Heart Happened Right Here

Blowing a Candle

Photography on Photography

One Jameson Closer to the Edge

Joe Cool

Ascension at a Dive Bar

On My Back

Blowing Gum

What Would Jesus Do?

  Precisely the Moment a True Friend Offers You Another Drink

Ironic Brooding Balloon Portrait

On My Knees

Alone in a Bar

Do You Know How to Use That Thing?

Sexy Fail #1

Hipness Defined by Wearing Shades in a Dark Bar

Freshly Kissed

“Sometimes My Arms Bend Back”

Twin Peaks

My Color is Green

An Easter Sunday Smoke

He Pushed My Button too Quick

Could Have Really Used Some Lipstick

Blue Balls

Sexy Fail #2

An English Man Told Me I Was Not Drunk Enough

Smiling with My Eyes

At the Bottom of a Staircase to Heaven

Making Weird Fists Like My Grandma

Bored is Boring

A Lion Says “MHOW”

Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien.


  1. your eyes have changed, but your expressions havnt.

  2. ♥ it …. i know its a mission to get all THAT done!! 😀

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