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Mia Hebib is more than just a jewelry designer; she’s a shape chaser driven by the pursuit to forge the perfect form out of gold, silver, wood and brass. Her Greenpoint studio, Oblik Atelier (Oblik is Croatian for shape), explodes with nuts and bolts, earrings, pliers, bracelets, plants, sunlight, and necklaces. Most recently Hebib has taken on the endeavor of curating “Salon,” an artist exhibition showcasing the talent of seven designers including herself. Equipped solely with a blowtorch and determination, Salon is a testament to what can be accomplished with courage and perseverance and Hebib’s accomplishments serve as an inspiration to all. (More…)

Metropolitan Green

439 Metropolitan Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11211

Opening Reception Friday, October 1, 2010



Gallery Hours 12-7pm daily

October 1-8, 2010

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