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Whoa—That was Random!

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Duane @ Dorris, Brooklyn Dec13

Duane strangling Carly @ Doris, Brooklyn Dec13

Duane, Carly @ Dorris, Brooklyn Dec13

Girl in Leopard Print by WC @ Dorris, Brooklyn Dec13

Girl in Leopard Print smoking@ Dorris, Brooklyn Dec13

Dudes of Doris, Brooklyn Dec13

Danny and Friend, Photobombed, Feb14

Danny, Black Angel, Feb14

Carly, Fountain @ 21c, Ohio Dec13

Mark, Orange, Greens, Ohio, Dec14

Carly, Orange, Greens, 2 Ohio, Dec14

Kimber, Pink Tree 2, Ohio Dec13

Kimber, Pink Tree, Ohio Dec13

Erin 3 @ 21c, Ohio Dec13

Erin 2 @ 21c, Ohio Dec13

Spacey Green Keyboardist @ The Church, Dec13

Spacey Green Band 2 @ The Church, Dec13

Spacey Blue Band  @ The Church, Dec13

Oweinama Biu & Gina Marie @ The Church, Dec13

Howard, Danny, cold, Feb14

Carly, Danny, Diner, Feb14

McGill Sisters @21c, Ohi, Dec13

Erin, @ 21c, Ohio Dec13

Bye Bye!

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