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Nightmare Before Christmas

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Carly 3 @ Newsonic, Halloween, Oct13

Carly @ Newsonic, Halloween, Oct13

Present outside my Door, Oct13

Dylan @ Newsonic, Halloween, Oct13

dead barbies @ Newsonic, oct136

Zach, Halloween, Oct13

Get Happy, Oct13

Dancers  2@ Newsonic, Halloween, Oct13

Boss Man, Alex @ coco66, Oct13

Duane, KT @ coco66, Oct13

Nathan, Lindsay @ Good Co, Oct13

Enore, White Whine, Soho, Nov13

Carly 2 @ Newsonic, Halloween, Oct13

Alfredo @ Slim Twig @ Silent Barn, Oct13

Konstance, Legs, The Juggs, Oct13

Konstance, Meow, Halloween, Oct13

Legs, Dancing, Stockings, Oct13

Boss Man @ coco66, Oct13

Blizzards & Snow Angels

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Choir Boy 2, No Smoking, Hot Bird, Blizzard, Feb13

KT, HotBird, Blizzard, Feb13

Choir Boy, No Smoking, Hot Bird, Blizzard, Feb13

Choir Boy, Smoking, Hot Bird, Blizzard, Feb13

Blizzard, Hotbird, Snow Blanket, Feb13

KT, Eskimo, Blizzard, Hotbird, Feb13

Carly, Choir Boy, Eat Snow, Hotbird, Blizzard, Feb13

Blizzard, Hotbird, Snow Blanket, Boy Feb13

Carly, Laughter, Blizzard, Hot Bird, Feb13

Blizzard, Nugget, Clinton Hill, Feb13Let It Snow!

Oh Christmas Tree

how beautiful you are to me

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Conor and the Xmas Tree, Williamsburg

Mas Tree, Laura Palmer Style

tron-townXmas Trees, Toronto, Nov2012

Oh Xmas Tree, Trash

Xmas Tree, Bedstuy

Xmas Tree in Trash Can

Xmas Tree, Caution, Williamsburg

Xmas Tree


Christmas in July:

Holidaze on Ice

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And A Happy New Year!

Christmas in July:

 Home for Christmas

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Merry Christmas

I U Mom & Dad 

Christmas in July:

Donde Esta Santa Claus?

Santa’s Little Helpers.





Tisk. Tisk.

He’s Making A List?

He’s Checking it Twice?

That’s Right.


Merry Christmas!

Christmas in July:

Don’t Believe in Christmas

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Hole in One.

Redneck Pole Dancing


 Redneck Pole Dancing 2

Enjoying The View.

Hells Yeah.

O Holy Nights.

Santa Baby

Budweiser. Fuck.

Another Round of Shots.

Neon Angel.

Dirty Dancing

 Lil’ Sis.


Merry Christmas!

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