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Mad Dreams

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 Alfredo, sidewalk, Astoria, Jul13

Cute Girl @ Pete's Candy Store, Oct13

Julia @ Greenwood cemetery, Oct13

Drew @ Girbaud Fashion Show, Jul13

Carly, White Tee, WildBore, LES Jun13

Caution, White Trash, Clinton Hill, Oct13

Julia @ Bodega Sunset Park, Oct13

Bathroom Bodega Sunset Park, Oct13

Alfredo, Plyers, Danger, Astoria, Jul13

Julia 2 @ Greenwood cemetery, Oct13

Mia Hyejun, Langhorn PA, Oct13

Spears, dismembered parts, Soho, Jul13

Guitar Hero, Clinton Hill, JUl13

Logan Drum Wall, Oct13

Irena at home, Oct13

Hairless Pussy @ Irena's, Oct13

Danny 2 @ Marie's LIC, Jul13

Julia, Hot Dog @ Crif Dog Oct13

Seth @ Greenwood cemetery, Oct13

Russian Chick,@ Danny's, Jun13

Alfredo, Sad boy, Train Tracks, Jul13Until Soon…

Saturday Night

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DJ, Face, Portrait, CT, Mar13

Carly, Kaitlin, Holding Hands, Friends, Apr13

Kaitlin, Open Toe, Heel, Hydrant, CT, Apr13

Kaitlin, Hydrant, Love, CT, Mar13

Ellena, Ballerina, Little Black Dress, Led Belly, Mar13

Jessica @ Starving Artist, Toronto, Nov12

Bullseye, Bull, Luck, Skill, Winebar, Lebanon, Dec12

Kaitlin, Squid, Food Fetish CT, Mar13

Les, Grass Fed, vegetarian, plant Apr13

Kaitlin, 368, Hunger, Oral Fixation, Mar13

Felix, Portrait, Eye Contact, CT, Mar13

Les, Speed Hump, Apr13

Carly, Arrow, Street Death Wish, Apr13

Meeting in a Parking Lot, Toronto, Nov12

Ellena, Ginger Snap, Portrait, LES, Mar13

Legs, Lace, Bullseye, Target, Ledbelly, Mar13

Carly, Kaitlin, Friends, Mar13


Where The Wild Things Are

clues are hidden in dreams

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Danny, Taxi, Time Square, Snow, Scope, Mar13

Party Van, LES, Sept12

Ghost, Talk, Art Gallery, LES, Feb13

Poorman's Treasure, Bushwick, Dec12

Irving @ Cherry Cola, Toronto, Nov12

Jordan  Holding My Moon, Parkslope, Feb13

Lighten Up, Black Balloons, Scope, Lifted, Mar13

Black Gate, Doll Heads, On a Stick, Mar13

Carly, KT, Kimberly, Ginger Snaps, Portrait, Mar13

Danny, Magic Hands, Von, Mar13

Open House, Black and White, Stripes, Mar13

Old Man, White Bear, White beard, LES, Mar13

Danny, Black Fur @ The Church, Feb13

stay weird


What’s Good

Coptic Cross Streets




Word Up

In The Press

4 Eva

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