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Fizzy White Whine

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Carly Sioux, Boob Shot, Oct13

Champagne and French Fries copy

Heidi, Champage refill, Oct13

Danny, Andrew @ Union Pool copy

Gold, Heels, Toes, wood, Oct13

Howard, Andrew, Love @ Union Pool

Andrew, Raven, DiscoBall, Oct13

Andrew, Blindfolded, Park Ave Armory, Oct13

Blindfold, Park Ave Armory, Oct13

Brothers, Park Ave Armory, Oct13

Carly, Play Dead @ Silent Barn, Oct13

Dani, EYes Wide Shut 2, Oct13

Danny, Moeima, Sleepy, Cab, Oct13

Daniel, Taxi, Oct13

Heavy Whipping Cream, BushLick, Oct13

Beast N Bourbon, Carly Sioux, Oct13

Coming Home, Park Ave Armory, Oct13Come towards the light.

 Cold. White. Snow.

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Time, Snow, Surrealism, Feb13

Blizzard, Pratt, Sculpture, Clinton Hill, Feb13

Umbrealla, Snow Blanket, Blizzard, Clinton Hill, Feb13

Blizzard, Footsteps, Snow Blanket, Clinton Hill, Feb13

Snow, Footsteps,Voyeur, Clinton hill, Mar13

Snow, Abandoned Bike,Voyeur, Clinton hill, Mar13

Snow, Pay Phone,Voyeur, Clinton hill, Mar13

Snow, staircase, Brownstone, Voyeur, Clinton hill, Mar13No One’s Home

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