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White Mystery @ The Bell House

press play


Who loves Rock n Roll, pretty girls, tambourines, performance art, crowd surfing, summer nights, crunchy guitars, and boy girl harmonies??? Golden Triangle…and you will love them too! It might already be August, but Golden Triangle will keep that hot summer party vibe alive all through fall with an awesome line up of shows. My recommendation is the Bell House with Thee Oh Sees in October, but if you can’t wait that long, then there’s a couple of dates in September to tide you over.

The excitement doesn’t end here; make sure you check out Live with Animals! It’s a hip contemporary gallery space that specializes in performance, video, and installation art curated by Cameron and Vashti from the Triangle! Check out their site for upcoming events:







…..and I thought to myself,  this is exactly the music a person should listen to when they want to fall in love with someone they already love…..


Who? Ken Stringfellow
What? A solo performance on piano and guitars!
Where? Littlefield in Parkslope
When? Thursday, June 18th
Why? Because you trust my taste in music and need a mellow night of music after all of the Northside Festival madness.




*Bring a date, don’t be late, and I’ll see you there!

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