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Tag Archives: Surrealist

First World Problems

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In A Word

Eat Fresh, Flatiron

Bird's Eye View

Surrender, Clinton Hill, Jul13

Second Hand


Kill The Messenger

Black and White

Long walk on a Short Path

La petite MortLa petite Mort

Soundtrack by Paraworld Blue

  Mystic Sands and Moon of Manatí

Bewitched Under The Twilight

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Shortly after sundown.

Night howlers on the prowl.

Stretching across the twilight sands.

Tempting as it seems.

You’ll beg for mercy.

Surrender to me.

A Stitch in Time

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 Bargained Down.

A Quiet Lunch.

Cleaned Out at The Car Wash.

Signs of The Times.

Deadly Weapons in My Head.

Phone Home.


Art Lick Boy.


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