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Greener Grass

Reminiscing About Spring

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Springtime is by far the best season of the year.

It awakens our senses after a long dull slumber with the hints of sweet grass, fresh rain, pale flowers, and dewy skin. It whispers to us the promise of young love, fruit-filled picnics baskets, and of the soft sunlight that will warm our backs. It’s a prelude to sun-bleached beach days, red-hot summer nights, and of the golden-rouge sunsets we wish would last an eternity. Some may declare their preference for the leisurely air of summer, but by the time August arrives, we’re all  longing for the cool breath of fall to relieve us from the spoiling heat. If autumn wasn’t so deceptive by leading us into the bitter darkness of winter’s grip, it could have been the greatest of all seasons. But spring, bursting at the seams with optimism, is the most marvelous time of year. It’s filled with the anticipation of our entire summer that lies ahead, unwritten and and just within our reach. As our last few carefree days of summer dwindle down, remember to savor every day, night, moment, breeze, and thunderstorm. Embrace the heat and feel every drop of sweat the drips from your body. Take a long walk in the rain, and hold someone’s hand a little bit longer. Slow down, and don’t rush through each day, because in just a blink of an eye, the summer you so longed for will be gone, and with it another chapter of your life written. This winter, while buried beneath layers of wooly scarves, itchy sweaters, and furry hats, I’ll be reminiscing about the grass in spring—which is always greener.


Jordache with the Jam Box!

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