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 Born in A Small Town

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Free Air, Abandoned Gas Station, Lebanon, Dec13

Mark, Brants, Orange, Lebanon, Dec13

Cat. Train Set, Downtown Ohio, Dec13

Carly Brants, Orange, Lebanon, Dec13

Mark, Trustworthy, Orange, Lebanon, Dec13

Last Chance, Orange, Ohio Dec13

Red Barn, Lebanon, Dec13

Sarah and Chery, Downtown, Dec13

Empty Gas Station, Lebanon Ohio, Dec13

Rednecks in Check

Adventures with One Punch Mark

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One Punch Mark, Solid as a rock, Ohio, Jun13

Carly, Spillway, Ceasar Creek, Jun13

Wiedemann, not the Pizza man, Ohio, Jun13

Green door, Yellow light, Waynesville, Jun13

Santa, Birdcage, Waynesville, Jun13

Washing Machine, Waynesville, Ohio, Jun13

Chevrolet, Waynesville, Ohio, Jun13

One Punch Mark, Flowers, Ohio, Jun13

Cherub, Waynesville, Ohio, Jun13

Carly, Window Spying, Waynesville, Ohio, Jun13

Creepy Bear, Waynesville, Ohio, Jun13

One Punch Mark, Deer in a headlight, Ohio, Jun13

It's A Classic, Canoeing, Ohio, Jun13

Stay Weird Ohio

Facedown in The Snow

Little Murders in Small Towns

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Aloe Plant, Xmas, Stocking, Dec12

Blizzard, Perfect Storm, Diner, Clinton Hill, Feb13

Sarah, silver balloon, NYE 2012

Carly, Hotbird, NYE, 2012

Becca, Dead, Golden Lamb, Patterns, Dec12

Carly Sioux, Golden Lamb, Wheel, Dramatic, Dec12

Xmas Murder, Panda Mask, Pratt, Steam, Dec12

Xmas Murder, Pratt, Steam, Dec12

Xmas Murder, Sarah, Scream, Pratt, Steam, Dec12

Carly Sioux, Vanish, Terror, Murder, Steam, Dec12

Legs, Voyeur, Stalkin', Dec12

You’ll Disappear

A Close Call in a Dark Bar

“Beware of The Night” She Said.

Crawling Out of The Woodwork.

Slithering Around Snake Holes.

Princes Turn Into Frogs.

 Sisters Become Mothers.

Good Girls Lose Inhibition.

 The Danger is Alluring.

 You’ll Be The Death of Me.

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