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Tag Archives: Post-Apocalyptic Horrors

This Is Not My City

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dismembered, Mannequins 3, Flatiron, Dec13

Risk, Williamsburg, Nov13

cactus, handprints, sun, Clinton Hill, Nov13

Death Mask, Clinton Hill, Nov13

Empty Green Building, Kingston, Dec13

Empire Mart, Empty, Kingston, NY Dec13

Gas Station Fire, Kingston, Dec13

Empty Green Sign, Kingston,Dec13

Soft Abortions, Bushwick, Nov13

Watch for Children, Kingston, Dec13

women forms, Flower Dist, Nov13


Post-Apocalyptic Horrors

These Days Will Pass

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These Days Will Pass

Keep Dreaming, Brooklyn, Nov12

Death Bate, Chelsea, Oct2012

Self, Parkslope, Jul12

Back Luck Omen, Clinton Washington Stop, Sept12

Angel Wings, Washington Ave, Dec 2012

Role Model Deconstructed

Danger, Bad Day, Brooklyn NY, Sept12

Need Cash, LES, Sept12Song courtesy of Herbert Brun

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