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Tag Archives: Picures of You

One Hot Summer Night…

She Was Happy To See Me.

Wide-Eyed At A Birthday Party.

He Was Watching The Door.

Miss. This. Face.

 Couldn’t Believe Their Eyes.

Bellicose Babes,

 Bacchus Boys,

Warriors In Lace,

And Beer Suckling Boy Scouts,

All Sinking On His Ship.

Shiver Me Timbers.

Tom’s Modern Bromance.

Bold & Beautiful,

 Saucy Like A Tomato.

Stars and Scrappers,

Raise A Flag,

Follow Her Lead,

Feel It,

 And Let Yourself Go.


Careful What You Say,

Loose Lips Sink Ships.

Hotter Than A Heatwave.

 My Wild Bore,

Puts Me In The Spotlight.

Found My Rizzo.



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