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This American Life

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King of Beers

 Red and Wet

Boy’s Club

Win Here

Steroids to Go

song by Vince Taylor

Fly Me to The Moon

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Sometimes the world is such a drag.

I could just about die.

Time to make our great escape.

Float away into the midnight sky.

Fly me to the moon!


Says who?

Look how high he can fly.

 Try moon walking.

The Pony Express.

Or just bum a ride.

Fly me to the moon!

We’ll eat stinky cheese.

Make brand new friends.



And sway soooo sloooow.

Fly me to the moon!

My best girl’s coming.

And so should you.

Could be lot’s of fun.

 Just fly me to the Moon!

song by Jherek Bischoff

The Way it Was

99 PerCent Dreams

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The Big Dream

Takes A Back Seat

Hope Hidden in A Dark Corner

 The Friction Is Magnified

It Was Our Very Best

Deteriorates with Each Passing Day

Symbolic of The Great Divide

Dream Bigger

song by Hendric Bünck

Christmas in July:

Holidaze on Ice

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And A Happy New Year!

Christmas in July:

 Home for Christmas

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Merry Christmas

I U Mom & Dad 

Christmas in July:

Donde Esta Santa Claus?

Santa’s Little Helpers.





Tisk. Tisk.

He’s Making A List?

He’s Checking it Twice?

That’s Right.


Merry Christmas!

Christmas in July:

Don’t Believe in Christmas

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Hole in One.

Redneck Pole Dancing


 Redneck Pole Dancing 2

Enjoying The View.

Hells Yeah.

O Holy Nights.

Santa Baby

Budweiser. Fuck.

Another Round of Shots.

Neon Angel.

Dirty Dancing

 Lil’ Sis.


Merry Christmas!

Shilpa Ray @ Shea Stadium

April 26, 2012

Dream Beach Island

Adventures with Alexis Long Beard

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Try to imagine.

The sounds of paradise.

Somewhere off a beaten path.

Just a little further…

But first a snack.

Home. Sweet. Away. From home.

Found in paradise.

A moment for silence.

Some time to play.

Escape from reality.

He is filled with secrets.

Youth Lagoon.

Take me back…

  Mystic Sands and Moon of Manatí

Bewitched Under The Twilight

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Shortly after sundown.

Night howlers on the prowl.

Stretching across the twilight sands.

Tempting as it seems.

You’ll beg for mercy.

Surrender to me.

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