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 Cold. White. Snow.

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Time, Snow, Surrealism, Feb13

Blizzard, Pratt, Sculpture, Clinton Hill, Feb13

Umbrealla, Snow Blanket, Blizzard, Clinton Hill, Feb13

Blizzard, Footsteps, Snow Blanket, Clinton Hill, Feb13

Snow, Footsteps,Voyeur, Clinton hill, Mar13

Snow, Abandoned Bike,Voyeur, Clinton hill, Mar13

Snow, Pay Phone,Voyeur, Clinton hill, Mar13

Snow, staircase, Brownstone, Voyeur, Clinton hill, Mar13No One’s Home

Days Keep Passing

youth expiring

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Puzzled, Flatirion, June12

Happy Birthday

Happy New Year, Trash, Chelsea, Jan13

Spoilt Rotten

  Cold Light

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Dream Home, Parkslope, Feb13

Suspicious Package 2, Parkslope, Feb13

Eagle Clothes, Parkslope, Feb13

Grafitti, Aliens, playing, Bedstuy, Mar13

Citron, Parkslope, Feb13

Blue Vail, Brown Stone, Bedstuy, Mar13

Polite Littering, Coffe, Chelsea Gallery, Oct12

Denim, Fence, Hangouttodry, Clinton Hill, Mar13

Phone on Fulton @ Washington

Long Live, Parkslope, Feb13

Song courtesy of marikarauscher


Fuck Me Blind

fantasy or death wish

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FYI, Amanda, Blindfold,  @ Karma Bar, Nov12

FYI , Amanda, Bow 2, Karma Bar, Nov12

FYI, Amanda, Bound 3 @ Karma Bar, Nov12

FYI, Amanda, Bound 2 @ Karma Bar, Nov12

FYI, Amanda, Bound  @ Karma Bar, Nov12

FYI , Amanda, Bow, Karma Bar, Nov12

FYI, Amanda, Gentlemen @ Karma Bar, Nov12

Said he liked my posture, then took me home to fuck me blind.

Lingerie: FYI • Styling: Nicolette Stosur-Bassett

Make-up: Alyne Halvajian • Model: Hotdamnit Amanda

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