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Where The Wild Things Are

clues are hidden in dreams

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Danny, Taxi, Time Square, Snow, Scope, Mar13

Party Van, LES, Sept12

Ghost, Talk, Art Gallery, LES, Feb13

Poorman's Treasure, Bushwick, Dec12

Irving @ Cherry Cola, Toronto, Nov12

Jordan  Holding My Moon, Parkslope, Feb13

Lighten Up, Black Balloons, Scope, Lifted, Mar13

Black Gate, Doll Heads, On a Stick, Mar13

Carly, KT, Kimberly, Ginger Snaps, Portrait, Mar13

Danny, Magic Hands, Von, Mar13

Open House, Black and White, Stripes, Mar13

Old Man, White Bear, White beard, LES, Mar13

Danny, Black Fur @ The Church, Feb13

stay weird

I’m A Living Sickness

Jaime w Cherry @ Cherry Cola, Toronto, Nov12

Teeth, tongue, eye, @ Union Pool, Feb13

Idle Fate, Sean @ DesNuda, Mar13

Bananas Teeth Drinks @ DesNuda, Mar13

Ellena, Oysters @ DesNuda, Mar13

Jaime smoking @ Cherry Cola, Toronto, Nov12

Katie, Oysters @ DesNuda, Mar13

Irena, Leopard Print, Red Lips @ DesNuda, Mar13

Post-Oyster-Consumption @ DesNuda, Mar13

Gay Stalker @ BCC, Mar13

Wearing My Lipstick @ Open House Eleven Eleven, Mar13

Tips and Thank You @ DesNuda, Mar13

Red Tuna Knife @ DesNuda, Mar13

FYI, Backstage 3, Color, Feb13

Jaime, Black Gold Heels, Sleeping @ Cherry Cola, Toronto, Nov12

Jaime, Cherry Cola, Toronto, Nov12

Babes in Red LipStick

Suits and Ties @ Open House Eleven Eleven, Mar13

Dead Duck, Irena's Holiday, Dec12

song by The Calico Wall

Die with You

A Midnight Matinee

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Chemistry @ Openhouse, Feb13

Carly Saki @ Ominoie, Feb13

2 Hearts, Clinton Hill, Feb13

Jaime 3, Toronto,  Nov 12

Model Mayem, Dancing on Tables, Feb13

Pink Wig @ Openhouse, Feb13

Dancer, Cheata Print, Lair, Feb13

Legs, Lair, Feb13

Drew @ Lair, Feb13

Lorna @ FYI, Backstage, Feb13

Hallie, Alfredo, Model Mayhem, Feb13

BeAMan.Ca, Toronto, Nov12

Biker Queen @ Buddies in Bad Times Theater, Nov12

Jaime, Toronto,  Nov 12

Friend @ Buddies in Bad Times Theater, Nov12

Trust @ Buddies in Bad Times Theater, Nov12

Coarse Language, Nudity & Gun Shots @ Buddies in Bad Times Theater, Nov12

Jordan @ Ominoie, Feb13

Paix, Model Mayhem, Feb13

Understand, Clinton Wash Gtrain, July12

Eamon, Waiter, Drink, Model Mayhem, Feb13

KT, Carly @ Lair, Feb13

Smoke Break, Modey Mayhem, Feb13

Jordan, Carly, Katie @ Openhouse, Feb13

Eamon, BreakDance, Hotel, Feb13

Jordan, Japanese Food, LES, Feb13

Model Mayhem @ Korean, Fashion Week, 2013


song by TEENS


Before & After

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Ghosts of Sandy Oct12

DCTV, Post Sandy Oct12

Calm before the Storm 11, Sandy Oct12

Calm before the Storm 8, Sandy Oct12

Calm before the Storm 9, Sandy Oct12

Post Sandy 2 Oct12

Post Sandy Oct12

Post Sandy 3 Oct12

Calm before the Storm 7, Sandy Oct12

Calm before the Storm 6, Sandy Oct12

Calm before the Storm 2, Sandy Oct12

Calm before the Storm 4, Sandy Oct12

Calm before the Storm 10, Sandy Oct12

Calm before the Storm 3, Sandy Oct12

Brooklyn Bridge, Post Sandy Oct12

Johnny 2, Post Sandy, Oct12

Post Sandy 9 Oct12

Johnny, Post Sandy, Oct12

Post Sandy 7 Oct12

Post Sandy 8 Oct12

Post Sandy 4 Oct12

To the Victims, Volunteers & Heroes of Sandy

song courtesy of haikyoclub


Oh Christmas Tree

how beautiful you are to me

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Conor and the Xmas Tree, Williamsburg

Mas Tree, Laura Palmer Style

tron-townXmas Trees, Toronto, Nov2012

Oh Xmas Tree, Trash

Xmas Tree, Bedstuy

Xmas Tree in Trash Can

Xmas Tree, Caution, Williamsburg

Xmas Tree


Hash, Cash & Trashed

nobody rides for free

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FYI, Amanda, Hookah @ Karma Bar

FYI, Amanda, Bound @ Karma Bar

FYI, Amanda, Gentlemen @ Karma Bar

FYI, Amanda, Bathroom 2 @ Karma Bar

FYI, Amanda, Redlight @ Karma Bar

FYI, Amanda, Choker @ Karma Bar

FYI, Amanda, Hooked @ Karma Bar

FYI, Amanda, Gentlemen 2 @ Karma Bar

Lingerie: FYI • Styling: Nicolette Stosur-Bassett

Make-up: Alyne Halvajian • Model: Hotdamnit Amanda

song by Peaches

Falling Up & Getting Down

color portraits of fall 2012

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Carly @ Westvillage Bathroom, LES Sept12

Micah @ Irena Housewarming, Oct12

Jordache & KT 3 @ Matchless, Sept12

Daniel, Danny, West Village Sept12

KT, Chanel Crack @ Matchless, Sept12

Jordache, Chanel Crack 2 @ Matchless, Sept12

Carlos @ Haunted NewYork, Sept12

Carly & Danny, Wild.Bore!, WestVillage, Sept12

princepunk @ BBQ Films, NY Sept12

Daniel, WestVillage, Sept12

princepunk, champaign @ Brooklyn Bowl, NY Sept12

Carly @ MercuryLounge, LES Sept12

Daniel & Marion, WestVillage, Sept12

Cinderellas Big Score, Brooklyn, NY Sept12

Cinderella’s Big Score

song courtesy of Lance Tyler Craig

Lucid Day Dreaming

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Happy Halloween!

Falling Back, NYC 2011

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Don’t Let The Post-Sandy Zombies Bite!

song courtesy of piresian beach

Wild Yaks & Shilpa Ray

Live on Film @ Cakeshop

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