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Live on Film: Shilpa Ray

with Natureboy @ Pianos

Shilpa Ray @ Shea Stadium

April 26, 2012

Behind Bars

Puerto Rico, June 2012

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Song by The Index

Color War, North America, & Psychobuildings @ Brooklyn Fireproof

press play to get weird

The Back Pockets @ Acheron

with Bad Credit No Credit

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Oh10 M1ke & Comandante Zero

Live Drawings & Electro-Funk @ Brooklyn Museum

Honeymoon in Jacksonville

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I My Wife

Wet Dream

Press play to begin story.

Red Siren

Black Leather

Von Vamp

Wet Dreams

Lady Luck

Wasted ____.

Strangers in The Night

Immaculate Conception

Last Call

Could Be Your Lucky Night

Sleep Tight

If Darger’s Vivian Girls were ever to mature, I am sure those revolutionary dolls would have become Brooklyn’s very own Vivian Girls. These girls look cute and sound sweet with their strung out harmonies and three cord melodies, but these tattooed darlings will chew you up and spit you out. Their melodies are simple but pleasing. They crank the reverb all the way and let their melodic dissonance fill the air. Perhaps a bit on the bratty side, but Bratmobile always had a place in my heart. In their case the detached half-interested conduct works in their favor creating mystery and intrigue. I am not sure if the fans are in love with the girls or the music, but nonetheless one can’t help but to be smitten by their presence on or off stage.





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