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Do you like nachos? Hollerado loves nachos! Tomorrow night you can come to the Nacho House party at Cakeshop and eat an endless supply of free nachos prepared by Hollerado! Join them as they celebrate the release of their new video collaboration with Vice CoolerFake Drugs.

These Canadian natives are making their rounds, serving up nachos, while generating a lot of buzz. Nacho House started as a late night party in Montreal with cool bands, cheap beer, and of course, nachos! Now thanks to Hollerado, Pop Montreal and NachosNY, Nacho House is coming to NYC and in addition to chowing down some delicious cheesy nachos, you can catch live performances by Abe Vigoda, Hollerado, Hawney Troof (Vice Cooler’s band), and Uncle Bad Touch (side project of Mikey Heppner of Priestess).

Nacho Party began to pick up momentum at this year’s SXSW and NXNE and it’s on its way to becoming a fixture at independent music festivals through out North America.

Check out their new video Fake Drugs here.

Who: Abe Vigoda, Hollerado, Hawney Troof and Uncle Bad Touch

What: Nacho House NYC,

Where: Cake Shop, LES

When: Friday Aug 20,th 9pm-?

Why: Nachos!

Cost: $10

Photos by Carly Sioux

From Santos Party House 2008

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