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“F*ck all that Brooklyn Sh*t,” was Rachel’s greetings to her fans at Mercury Lounge. Her one finger salute personally directed to myself, (or my camera) was a clear indication I was in the right place at the right time.

Perhaps she’ll feel more at comfortable on her next few stops through the Midwest (my hometown) on her way back to home sweet home Detroit. You’ve got to give her creds for the no nonsense attitude she brings to the stage. There are no show tunes or silly acrobatics on stage to entertain the audience, only Cold Hard Rock n’ Roll. Her stance is solid and cool,  she and her Detroit Cobras were there to do what they do, Rock Out!

The tour in support of Tied and True , the Cobra’s newest release is near the end, however the album is worth checking out! You can get a tiny taste on myspace, or you can follow the band through Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky to hear these awesome new tunes!


Detroit cobras2





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