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Evil Dick

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Katie's Ghost, Gary Loft, Jul14

IF, Bedstuy, Jul14

Bruised Legs, The Graham, Jun14

Punk Girl, The Graham, Jun14

Evil Dick, Bedstuy, Jul14

Moe, Knife, Gary Loft, Jul14

tuxedos, Fried Chicken, NYC Subway, Apr14

Dirty Orgasm, Soapy Stairs, Jun14

Carly Sioux 2,  Bright Idea, Gary's, Jul14

Dani, Ghost, Fulton Grand, May14

Ghost, Pregnant, Mary, Dec13

Emily Guitar, shadow, May14

Finger sisters, Carly Dani @ Fulton Grand, May

drinks, my number, Clinton Hill, Fulton Grand, May14


Moe, Badass, Smoking, Clinton Hill, Jul14

Shiny Black Metal

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Carly, discoBall, Eyeswideshut @ Raven oct13

Andrew Portrait @ Raven oct13

Hot Dogs @ Crif Dog Oct13

Stranger @ Raven, Oct13

Alfredo @ Pete's Candy Store, Oct13

Andrew Smoking @ Raven oct13

Andrew, KT, @ VON, Jun13

Micah, Carly @ VON Jun13

Daniel Andrew @ Raven Oct13

Danny, discoBall, koolthing @ Raven oct13

Stranger w Disco Ball @ Raven, Oct13

Carly Portrait @ Raven oct13

My Art is Garbage, Soho, Jul13

Addicted to Love

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FYI, Amanda, Hookah 5 @ Karma Bar, Nov12

FYI, Amanda, Hookah 3 @ Karma Bar, Nov12

FYI, Amanda, Hookah Karma Bar, Nov12

FYI, Amanda, Chocolate 2 Bar, Karma Bar, Nov12

FYI, Amanda, Karma Bar, Nov12

FYI, Amanda, Hookah 2 @ Karma Bar, Nov12

FYI, Amanda, Hookah 4 @ Karma Bar, Nov12

FYI 3, Amanda, Karma Bar, Nov12

FYI 2, Amanda, Karma Bar, Nov12

This is Not Love

Lingerie: FYI • Styling: Nicolette Stosur-Bassett

Make-up: Alyne Halvajian • Model: Hotdamnit Amanda

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