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Expiration Date

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Congrats Grad, Clinton Hill, May14  bedstuy, May14  White Saucers, Clinton Hill, May14  Compare Foods, Clinton Hill, May14  Franklin Ave, Bedstuy, May14  St James St, Clinton Hill, May14  Deli and Grocery, Prospect Height, May14  BestWay, Clinton Hill, May14.tif  Caut, Clinton Hill, May14  Cajun Shrimp, Bedstuy Rooftop, May14

Brazilian Bed-Stuy BBQ Beats

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Freddo, Drums @ FlavYa BBQ, Bedstuy, June13

Daniel, Freddo @ FlavYa BBQ, Bedstuy, June13

Maayan 2, Daniel, @ FlavYa BBQ, Bedstuy Jun13

Ramiro, Face Slap, Daniel @ FlavYa BBQ, Bedstuy, June13

Maayan, Daniel, @ FlavYa BBQ, Bedstuy Jun13

Freddo, Camera @ FlavYa BBQ, Bedstuy, June13

KT, Hat @ FlavYa BBQ, Bedstuy, June13

FlavYa, Djing, BBQ, Bedstuy, June13

3 Drummers @ FlavYa BBQ, Bedstuy Jun13

FlavYa 2, Djing, BBQ, Bedstuy, June13

KT, Dancing 2 @ FlavYa BBQ, Bedstuy Jun13

KT, Dancing @ FlavYa BBQ, Bedstuy Jun13

Dancing @ FlavYa BBQ, Bedstuy Jun13

Dancing 2 @ FlavYa BBQ, Bedstuy Jun13

FlavYa, BBQ, Bedstuy, June13

Meat on the grill @ FlavYa BBQ, Bedstuy Jun13


Des Amis

Glimmer, Glimmer, Sunshine

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Elise, Monami, Pen, gun, bedstuy, May13

Carly, Caution, Bedstuy, May13

Ghost Cart, Plastic, Night, Bedstuy, may13

21, Party City, Gramcery, May13

Andrew, Chelsea Market, Art Crawl, Chelsea, May13

Jesse, MG, Scooter, Bedstuy. May13

The Mexican, SK8erChick, Bedstuy, Apr13

Gary, Elise, Bite, Black Swan, Apr13

Elise, Bite, Greens, Black Swan, Apr13

Three Tequila, Floor, Black Swan, May13

Tari, Carly, Drinking, Share, Apr13 (1)

Howard, Andrew, Fire, Art Crawl, Chelsea, May13

Ehren, 420 @ Greenpoint Gallery

Zach, Josh, Big Snow Buffalo Lodge, Apr13

Drew, 420 @ Greenpoint Gallery

Spirit Animal, 420 @ Greenpoint Gallery

Unknown in Mist, LoftParty, Bedstuy

You’ll Disappear

Party Town

fast friends and quick highs

Lady and the Tramp, Fries, Black Swan, May13

KT, sriracha, Hot, Black Swan, May13

Kristina, Blowing, Weiner Cake, Shag, May13

Elise, Leroy, Lipstick, Black Swan, may13

Irena, Jordan, Bday @ Trophy Bar, may13

Pot, Luck, Coffeetable, Bedstuy, apr13

 Lone Wolf and Cub 2, Union Pool, may13

Leroy, Fire, Cigar, Black Swan, may13

ELise, Cigar, Smoke, Black Swan, may13

Carly, Leroy, Cigar, Black Swan, may13

Leroy, Cigar, Smoke, Black Swan, may13

Fish in the Sea, Bedstuy, Apr13

Jordache, Bones, Flute, Bedstuy, APr13

KT, Hot, Black Swan, May13

Carlos, Yvves, Bday @ Trophy Bar, may13

Skeleton, Coffee Table @ Gary Loft Party, Bedstuy Apr13

Jordache, World, Helmet, Bedstuy, APr13

Paul, Painting, Friends, Bedstuy Loftparty, may13

Carly, Tongue Tied, Bedstuy Loft Party, May13

Skeletons, Pratt, Apr13

Art School Waste, Pratt, Apr13

 Lone Wolf and Cub 3, Union Pool, may13

Strange Man, Folded Paper @ Gary Loft Party, Bedstuy Apr13

Man, Bike, Fog, Ghost, Bestuy Loft, May13

Money Disappearing, Bedstuy Loft, May13

Watch Your Money Disappear

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