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Killer Party

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Carly Sioux, We Are Gods, BBQ Rooftop, Aug13

Seth, Stairwell @ BBQ Rooftop Party, Aug13

Destroy, Art, Street, Williamsburg, Aug13

Alfredo, Bembe, Williamsburg, Aug13

Playing Love Tricks, Soho, Aug13

Ramiro, Knife, Wine bottle @ BBQ Rooftop Party, Aug13

Blood, Napkin, LES, Danger copy

Bloody Foot, Williamsburg, Aug13

Broken Glass, LES, Sept13 copy

Karr @ FlavYa BBQ Rooftop Aug13

Drew, siddhartha, Bembe, Smoke, Aug13

Dont' Kill, Soho, Aug13

Alfredo, Stairwell, BBQ, Aug13

Girl in cool dress, Williamsburg aug13

Girl in Flower Dress at a Bar, Williamsburg aug13

Wasted Dreams, Williamsburg, Alcohol, Aug13

FlavYa @ BBQ Rooftop Party, Aug13

Drinks, Bembe, Williamsburg, Aug13

Piss, Toilet @ Bembe Aug13

One Last Chance, West Fourth Street, Aug13

Alfredo, Cement Ball, brooklyn Navy Yard, Aug13One Last Chance

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