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Falling Up & Getting Down

color portraits of fall 2012

press play to begin

Carly @ Westvillage Bathroom, LES Sept12

Micah @ Irena Housewarming, Oct12

Jordache & KT 3 @ Matchless, Sept12

Daniel, Danny, West Village Sept12

KT, Chanel Crack @ Matchless, Sept12

Jordache, Chanel Crack 2 @ Matchless, Sept12

Carlos @ Haunted NewYork, Sept12

Carly & Danny, Wild.Bore!, WestVillage, Sept12

princepunk @ BBQ Films, NY Sept12

Daniel, WestVillage, Sept12

princepunk, champaign @ Brooklyn Bowl, NY Sept12

Carly @ MercuryLounge, LES Sept12

Daniel & Marion, WestVillage, Sept12

Cinderellas Big Score, Brooklyn, NY Sept12

Cinderella’s Big Score

song courtesy of Lance Tyler Craig

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