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Crystal Truth

Blind Trust,

 Like A White Pony,

Well-Guarded and Spellbound,

Will Run Wild if Neglected.

Sometimes Sweet,

Sometimes Skeptic.

Players Play.

Ballers Ball.

And Pirates Will Steal Your Treasure.


Wishing On A Star,

But Gentlemen Are A Myth.

Is This Happiness?

All The Single Ladies,

Laughing Out Loud,

Dancing with Joy,

 In Love with Life.

 The End of An Era,

Occupied by Defiance,

Fortified Through Friendship,

And Empowered with Love.

This Could be Your Moment to Shine.

Kindness is Greater than Politeness.

And In Just A Flash,

I Could Read Your Mind.

Probably Busy.

Drowning in Dapper Drinks…

…Going Up in Smoke.

Song by GUARDS

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