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I’m Gonna Try


Open Wide.

Take A Deep Breath.

Let’s Go!


Hanging Tough in Sequins.


Bring Home The Party!


Finish Your Drink.

Make Direct Eye Contact.

Get Nailed.

In Cloven Hooves.

Pork New York.

Shark Drowning in a Bar.

Blow Up Beds.

Clean Hair & Chandeliers.

Dance Only to Songs You Love.

Play Guitar!

And Be Yourself.

Be Foolish.

Stay Smart.

Always Wear A Tie.

Know Your Neighbor.

Kiss A Prince.

Don’t Be A Stranger.

Don’t Worry About Me.

I’ll Be Fine.

Get Lost in Thought.

Trust In The Universe.

Oh10 is For Lovers.

Lose Track of Time.

 But Don’t Forget About Me.

Music by Shimmering Stars

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