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Summer Daze

Bought a Boat.

Saw Jean Paul Gaultier.

Ran into This Guy.

Meet A Prince.

Loved His Friends.

Fell in Love with A Girl (Again).

Meet My Twin in Montreal.

 Found Secret Nooks.

 Enjoyed Lazy Afternoons.

Epic Bike Rides.

Friends of Friends Become Friends.

Love This Girl.

And This One Too!

It Was His Birthday.

Should Have Bought Balloons.

Gave Him A Cupcake.

B.F.F. 4 Eva.

They’re B.F.F.’s Too!

Got Lost.

Washed My Hair.

Miss This Guy.

Miss Her Too!

Took Long Rides.

 Stars Photographing Stars.

Parked at The Park.

Ate Lots of Cake.

And BBQ Too!

Well You Know What Happened Next…

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  1. What a fast and pleasant summer it was. Such a lovely rehash!

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