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Prince Punk @ Hanson Dry


Mila Kantcheva @ Vodka Valentine


Medgely & Shane @ i ❤ boy


Dramatic Dinner in The Meatpacking

Laura Frecon, Michael Quiñones, & Friend


Shinsuke Aso @ Uminoie


Jake Giesige @ Vodka Valentine


Alexis Place @ a Diner in The Meatpacking


Miz Stefani @ Hanson Dry


Sue @ Vodka Valentine


Luis Andrade @ i ❤ boy


Sarah Silver @ Vodka Valentine


Laura Frecon @ Cielo


Josh Wickersham @ Hanson Dry


Anna Bunnie @ Uminoie


Carlos Detres @ Jo’s


Robert Von Leszczynski @ Uminoie


Katie Tyznik @ Vodka Valentine


Shane @ i ❤ boy


Unknown Raver with Sucker @ Cielo


Miz Stefani @ Hanson Dry


Heather Degas @ Uminoie


Ann Binlot on 7th Avenue


Maor @ Vodka Valentine


Medgely Sanon @ i ❤ boy


Molière @ Washington Ave


Kimberly Van Schoyck @ Vodka Valentine


Johnny Ramos @ i ❤ boy


Ashlea Bonds @ Vodka Valentine


Robert Von Leszczynski & Shinsuke Aso @ Uminoie


Laura Frecon @ Cielo


Alexis Place @ a Diner in The Meatpacking


Danny Chavis @ Lit Lounge


Jake Giesige @ MoMA


  1. Ohhhh do send details!

  2. Very nice B & W’s. Intense personalities. Why Don’t you show up at “Clash of the Artists” this year and take some shots?
    Thanks Carly

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