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Last Night I Dreamed…

You were trying to tell me something.

It seemed so familiar but in a place not recognized.

Was it a warning?

They mean good luck.

Thought I had it.

Then she vanished.

Couldn’t stop crying.

These monsters are real.

And the longer I rode, the smaller it became.

Tried to hide it in the sink.

Embarrassed because she knew.

Did you forget something?

It’s very still.

It didn’t end here.

At a playground after dark.

Couldn’t see your face but knew it was you.

The Village East Vanishing.

Just like a shrine.

They couldn’t help.

A happy place.

Lived here but it wasn’t  home.



  1. For some reason Buffalo ’66 comes to mind and I like that.

    • Ohhh I like that Ashlea!

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