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Bubble-gum girls parading with plastic toy guns. Scantily clad lingerie gals armed with Uzis. Woolly men in fuzzy sweaters assembling blocks. And psychic mimes prophesying the anti-establishment fashion trends to come.  What is all of this you might ask? Williamsburg Fashion Weekend 2011 —and anything goes!

Curator, designer, and artist Arthur Arbit has been the driving force behind Williamsburg Fashion Weekend, now in its eighth season. The success of this year’s show can be measured by the line of eager spectators wrapped around the block at Glasslands Gallery. Friday night’s bill included Ruffeo Hearts Lil’ Snotty, Mark Tauriello, Dani Read, SDN, King Gurvy, No Name Collective, Lana Weiss, and La China Loca. A live and lively musical performance by Small Time London Thug accompanied Lana Weiss’s showcase, while a more sedate Fay Victor sang a capella while SDN models sauntered on stage.

The mission of Williamsburg Fashion Weekend is to create a platform for emerging artists whose focus is on sustainability, re-couturing, upcycling, recycling, artisan crafts, and eco-friendliness. Through merging fashion, performance, theater, art, design and music, WFW triumphs in pulling off a spectacle that is diverse, cutting edge, and unique. This fashion show offered more than just eye candy and stimulated almost all the senses, especially as Lana Weiss and her gun-ho-gals blew lollipops and sweet tart kisses into the audience. Sweet!

Lana Weiss

Lana Weiss

La China Loca

King Gurvy

Dani Read

Dani Read

Dani Read

No Name Collective, Make up by Second Skin

No Name Collective, Make up by Second Skin

No Name Collective, Make up by Second Skin


  1. HI Lana,

    Did you get my email? I looked you up online and would love to help you out. Email me @!

  2. I’m collecting pictures for my website and was wondering if I could use some of yours< I'll credit you on them, let me know!

  3. HOTTNESS… Luv your perspective and how you capture the world around you..

      • Ragazza Paparazza
      • Posted February 25, 2011 at 4:28 pm
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      Thanks Big Daddy! 😉 I owe a lot to you. You were such a great teacher!

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