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Williamsburg Fashion Weekend, presented by Glasslands Gallery,  is where art meets fashion…and music. Founder and curator Arthur Arbit created WFW as a platform for emerging designers who create hand made, one-of –a-kind garments (or small collections) that emphasize fair-trade and eco-friendliness. The uniqueness of WFW goes beyond the exploration of designers who address social and environmental issues: what’s most compelling  is its presentation and delivery; these high-art threads are accompanied on stage with live music sets, spoken-word, and performance art. The models  are not hangers but instead radiate personality and a rocker attitude. There’s no catwalk, BMW sponsorships, or flimsy girls. It’s a circus with art, music and fashion and at Williamsburg Fashion Weekend one cannot be differentiated from another.

The Talent:

Marcus Hicks’s SDN is a grunge/glam, 1920s hipster inspired line that uses upcycled clothes and vintage fabrics. SDN was joined by a live performance with Brooklyn based Bad Credit No Credit, an Avant-Garde Jazz band. VON exploded on stage with fantastic colors and feathery embellishments. By far the most imaginative, VON models appeared as fanciful birds from a surrealist story tale. Other designers from Friday’s show included Noname Collective, Saddle Tramps Collection and King Gurvy who utilizes recycled artwork to create his spring 2011 line.

Photography by Carly Sioux

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  1. Dearest Carly,
    I have missed you for years!!!!! I have tried, unsuccessfully, to track you down, untill now! I’m BLOWN AWAY at what you’ve done with your life!!!!!
    PLEASE CALL ME!!!!!!
    I can’t wait to hear EVERYTHING!!!!!!
    CALL ME!!!!!!!!
    Your Old Friend,
    Bryan W Bohnke
    P.S. – I MISSED YOU!!!!

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