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Trules Chair

Copenhagen just got a lot brighter thanks to Light Architect Truls Blaasmo, 22-year-old Industrial Design student at BEC Design and a fashion extraordinaire. Truls spent the summer in NYC during his 3-month Internship with Stylesight. It was my pleasure to spend an evening at his hip East Village apartment, graze upon sophisticated hors d’oeuvres, and make portraits of this savvy young designer.


Truls’s creations are imaginative, playful, and created from materials that are sustainable, recycled, or found.  I especially love the bubble-wrap rug, it give new meaning to the word “Pop Art.”  ( Make sure to check out “Jeans Chair” for new ideas on what to do with your old skinny jeans that you can no longer fit into. (

Trules Impression Sq

I am looking forward to seeing what he’ll come up with next! Perhaps energy efficient photography lights for yours truly??? Not a bad idea!

Trules BW


  1. Hiya Papparazza!

    I met one of your friends, JC, last night at the Gutter in Brooklyn. He told me about this site and your interest in taking pics for bands and advised me to contact you. I doubt this comment will get to you in time, but I manage a few bands that will be playing tonight, October 16, at Matchless bar in Greenpoint. From what I have seen here and what JC told me, I would love to have you come and shoot the show. If you want to discuss some details, hit me at the email I provided and we’ll chat about the specifics. If Oct 16 doesn’t work, I also have some more shows coming out, so definitely get in touch!

    Thanks & I did take a look at your stuff and really do dig it a lot!


  2. i know the number 2 a great suboxone clinic. tee hee, jk. lovely!

  3. That portrait is AMAZING!

  4. Just gorgeous!

  5. You captured the intrigue, mystery and wonder and of Truls sublimely! Ahhh…how we miss him in New York! xox

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