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Apollo Heights is White Music for Black People, but all are welcome! Come practice your Japanese conversational skills with The Chavis brothers, or perhaps you will want to discuss Contemporary Art Criticism with Micah Gaugh. Honeychild Coleman (who just recently rejoined Apollo) can advise on sensible but edgy fashion on and off stage, but most important, Listen to their Music!!!

Apollo’s sound is reminiscent of Cocteau twins, not only because they have been a huge influence on the Chavis Brothers, but also because Robin Guthrie produced their debut album White Music for Black People.  Apollo Heights are back on the scene and have ambitious touring plans in support of their soon to be sophomore release Killer of Sheep. Check them out live on June 6th at The Delancey  and/or June 9th at Glasslands Gallery and hear some new tunes that will be on their upcoming album!

Danielsmoke wm



Psychadelic camo



micah tv

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  1. fuggen rad!

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