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Shilpa Ray has Beat the Devil and assembled a harem of happy hookers to infect humanity with her wrath and disillusion. Enveloped in allegory her words chew their way through the crowd as her Happy hookers pave the way with purpose and discipline. She won’t give you her heart; she’ll carve it out with a microphone. So take a break from apathy and do a shot of agony…straight up, no chaser…at Pianos tonight!







Words by Arkady

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One Comment

  1. I would have liked to go to it, but, alas, these days with fatherly and matrimonial responsibilities, any night life has to be approved and signed in triplicate a few days prior to the event. Any chance that the Paparraza might post the synopsis and venue info for these fun things a few days prior to the publishing of the photographs? Nothing would appleal to me more than to be caught red-handed in the frame at these events.

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