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Who loves Halloween all year round? Knyfe Hyts, except these guys won’t be guised as precious ghosts or angelic little goblins in search of a sugar daddy fix. Knyfe Hyts play hard and strikes with precision. Their ambient metal groove provokes the apathetic and bulldozes through the audience with their hypnotic reverberation. On the stage, guitars pulsate while the drums command the movement of the crowd. You can be their friend… least on Myspace and listen to tracks and know about upcoming shows. These guys aren’t for the faint of heart, but if you can hang; I’ll see you there!







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  1. Image # 6: like some Aztec ritual, eager and greedy to be taken to the underworld where the lizard-like guardians might absorb us into oblivion. Sweet oblivion. The solace of a sacrificial rite and swift passage there!

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